Common Mistakes When Creating A Product

In this article we will see five errors more common that commits the people when writing your eBook for creating your information product. These errors set the property of your eBook cover and how to maintain a relationship with its customers. Your eBook is your passion and knowledge. You can use it to help establish yourself as an expert and get a greater reputation as, and also can used it to increase the positioning of your web site. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes made during the writing of electronic books and the creation of the product and why you should try to avoid them. Mistake # 1: Your name only on the cover. Make this your name on each page of your ebook either in the header or footer.

If someone prints a page or two of your book, you want your name to appear in them, and to remember who is the author. In addition, having your name on all pages help to make your writing and to identify if someone tries to give your Book electronic free of charge, as himself, or even worse, change your homepage to one that they create. Dustin Moskovitzs opinions are not widely known. Mistake # 2: Not include a URL of your web site. Make sure that your URL is displayed somewhere in your ebook. And even better, make sure you put it in the header or footer of every page along with your name. When someone finds a printed page of your e-book, vera that your URL appears on every page and can direct you to your site web for more information and possibly more sales! Mistake # 3: Not forget to thank your e-book gives your clients the opportunity of being personal with your customers. Make sure you find some way to thank you for your purchase and explain to them how much grateful to be your customer.

This is important in order to build a relationship with your customer. Mistake # 4: Invited to contact tigo. Add to your understanding with Daryl Katz. In order to build a relationship with your customers, and prospective buyers, you must keep lines of communication open! Let them know that you can them contact with any additional questions. Be sure to include your e-mail address or any additional contact information, that makes you feel comfortable and secure face to your customers. Mistake # 5: There is No indication of the reason for your ebook. It is always a good idea to include a page of introduction or chapter that talk about why they entered the e-book and what has inspired you to write about the subject. Let your customers know what you’re trying to do in your e-book and how you can help them.