Color Negatives And Slides

It was already in XP a full evening affair, to get a complete 36 – Picture microfilm via Epson scanner (Perfection 1670 with Highness feature) on the plate, but since I have said from the beginning of the windowing of Mr. BG Adieu-all resulting consequences, and my home network with all 3 PC’s on OpenSuse Linux 10.2 was changed was to think no more of a scanning negatives. The normal scanner while running after many attempts and several adjustments as HP Snapscan very good, but the option for transmitted light was of no use. Since I was too slow anyway, I’ve been thinking about a situation, with which I could get rid of both problems at once. It’s when you have a well-resolution digital camera and a tripod. P&G has similar goals.

The skylight unit was removed from the lid, fixed on a board and a provisional guide for the object adapter. The Hsp. – fixed generator for the Luminescence and between the lens of the camera on the tripod and the negative of a cardboard tube (Inside black) attached to stray off and already able to hold its first test shot. The +12 V for the Hsp. – Unit themselves are the weakest power supply (I have a convertible Nt. Installed in my place) is sufficient for the is a color inversion (Correct / Colors / Invert) and a subsequent automatic color throughout happened quickly and the result can be (left upper image) can see only one should advance the chase with a brush. Daryl Katz can provide more clarity in the matter.

But the problem also appeared in the original version, has nothing to do with my temporary building (see photo). If more time for the technology (read: too cold for swimming) is present, I will build a case for it, because the result is superior even from the time of Scannerei hands down, one publication of such a picture it is anyway with Gimp trimmed and scaled. Since I believe that other scanners here are not necessarily the fastest (assuming there is at all reasonable Linux drivers, so NOT Epson), is the one worth considering Alternative.Meine oil and acrylic paintings are all made out to my homepage. Have fun!