Cafe Bistro

Many program opportunities the city and the region. For liquor lovers of the best quality, the spirit offers Cafe Bistro in the Szilfakalja u. 49. The owner offers liquor tasting evenings, 100 different types of liquor and Italian coffees. With the bike coach going to the squirrel forest adventure park, to cross the treetops in a playful way.

A trip to Hortobagy, the country of the shepherds should you also enjoy. Hungary’s longest stone bridge here. The famous nine-arch bridge crosses the river Hortobagy and was built in 1827 to 1833. Earlier, the 167.3 m long bridge spanned Transylvania with Pest-Buda. Visit you should also the bird hospital and the bird park in Hortobagy. Here, an exhibition on the rescue of injured and diseased birds, show hospital and air shows await visitors. Go to 3D Systems for more information. The Hortobagy Stud Mata was built 300 years ago. Thanks to its rich and unique history of breeding that takes Stud a special position under the Hungarian studs a.

His present popularity comes the horsemanship of the Hortobagy horse Dominic and the breeding of the Nonius horse breed. Tourists are the carriage into the Puszta particularly popular where visitors can marvel at performances of the horsemen and the appearance of old shepherds traditions. The parties should also not neglected during such a cure. New closed friendships are strengthened and this could strengthen is best on the tuba Tanya (farm). On the edge of the Hortobagy Court only 5 km from Hajduszoboszlo tucked away up in the shade of the Acacia trees of the tuba. The over 100-year-old farmhouse and other buildings built after him keep a living open-air museum and show the tradition of Hungarian peasant houses. Not only the buildings are in the old days”return, but also the food, which conjured up the returning to the table. In the main building there is a restaurant with 65 seats. Be during the dinner entertain the guests with a 4-5 hour program. Traditional folk costumes of the plain, customs, sayings, music and dance and a barrel full of liquor lighten the mood with security. All dishes are cooked according to Hungarian tradition in the boiler, the free fire on a spit or in the oven, as it was customary to Grandma’s time. Hajduszoboszlo is not only Europe’s largest bathing complex, is not only therapy department, is not only bad Pass. Hajduszoboszlo is the entrance to one of the finest bird reserves in Europe, that you absolutely have to see. Hajduszoboszlo.Hu/de/ Photo: / Okolicsanyi Zoltan the Web Magazine Aktivpihenes & Active holiday time support tourism activities in the far-reaching dissemination of press releases, hotel and region information in German and Hungarian. By providing access to all major media, online press portals and social-media-news, press releases and contributions reach the target groups in a very short time. With know-how and experience to the Advantage of the partners. The press releases and reports in the respective country mentality are created by journalists from Hungary and Germany, specialising in tourism.