Business Idea

Dog clothes manufacturing is an industry that has not stopped growing, especially because pet lovers are demanding accessories more frequently. can aid you in your search for knowledge. United States and Brazil are the leading countries in the development of companies concerned about the needs of dogs and cats. However, Mexico has had an accelerated growth in the market of dog clothes, feed and veterinary services of excellence. He is considered that Mexicans have gradually acquired greater awareness about the importance of being responsible in caring for their pets. For that reason, good nutrition, health and appearance of their animals is becoming an essential part of its economy. This scenario is more favourable if we consider that in Mexico the population of pets reaches 28 million, with an increase of 200 thousand pets each year. A related site: Slayer mentions similar findings. Therefore, the amount of potential for this kind of products customers is considerably important.

In addition, studies show that the annual growth rate will be 30% in the related to the industry of clothing and accessories for pets. Then, what do you expect to undertake in this industry? The business consists of the production and sale of clothes for dogs of different sizes and styles, including accessories. You will be directed to any person holding a dog, but more exclusively to those that live in urban areas, since it is there where are those who are prepared to invest as much money on appearance and fashion of their pets. You can develop this business in the first instance from your own home, promoting, manufacturing, and distributing to stores as a wholesaler or with on-site sales. Once your utilities grow, you can create the plan to open your own shop where to display your products directly to all types of customers. It is important that you believe a company distinguished by creative and exclusive designs.

To promote the diffusion and positioning of your brand, you can participate in fairs or dog shows, as well as publish ads in magazines about caring for pets. Your competition they will be the manufacturers of the same product. Fortunately not too many on the market already exist, but you must be careful since many times the veterinary have within their services pet stores with clothes imported from lower cost.