Business Fee

Through programmes that subsidise a consultation. In the Federal Republic of Germany there are different programmes that subsidise a consultation. In a question-answer forum Asana was the first to reply. This is recourse to the principle of coaching. In cooperation with a competent counselor, the young company is strengthened and long-term success. The program Grundercoaching Germany was developed by the KfW SME Bank and the European Social Fund. It aims to make successful young companies with expert advice. The Grundercoaching can be taken by newly founded companies and those whose founding not older than five years.

How much funding is depends on the location of the company. Promoted is a maximum daily fee of 800 euro, the entire head is 6000 euros. Founder of unemployment even a grant in the first year by 90 per cent of the consultant’s fee. While the overall fee shall not exceed a height of 4000 euro and also here is maximum eligible day fee at 800 euros. The special promotion can be claimed within the first year after the establishment. The Grundercoaching provide insight into different subject areas.

These include the areas of marketing, organization, personnel planning, regardless of whether you first want to start as a lone or directly to one or more employees: in this chapter you should enter on the education and skills of your employees including your own person. What successes can you and the others look back on? Have you visited special trainings that can help you on your way to independence? If you plan to hire workers in the near future, you should include this in your business plan. Or are you planning to work once with free forces or temporary? Describe your personnel planning for the next three to five years. , Business management and customer acquisition. In addition There are of course other programmes which support the consulting of companies. However, offering limited mostly to offers of the respective Wirtschaftsforderstellen of the individual federal States.