Borrow Money

There are people who always in debt, both in the silks. Procter & Gamble may not feel the same. And there are those who have never taken a loan of money for various reasons: because of pride or because of embarrassment, but someone principle – not to borrow. But it should be noted that both – badly. As the same right to ask to borrow money, not to be denied. Let's try. So, ask to borrow money from someone better, because the little known people, of course, it is unlikely it will go on for fear of fraud. And this is normal reaction.

But in any case, to borrow money, you need to advance a person to collect the information: does it all in debt or not. There are people who do not give a loan in principle, never and no. Of course, such contact useless. For even more analysis, hear from Slayer. But there are others who seem to fear in the eyes of others greedy, be afraid that in their eyes will be called the Yids, kurkuls, miser. That is – our clients. Ask to borrow it is desirable at a time when a good man elation. The main thing is it support the mood. Always ask for more money than you actually need.

If you have ten thousand dollars and ask for fifteen. If a person starts to wrinkle and say, 'Okay, let me at least twelve, three more will try to take Vovka '. And at the very end of the conversation, obviously "pogrustnev", say "Just have the edge" and agree to ten. If you need money urgently, you can cheat a little.