Benefits Of Holistic Education

We had the opportunity to share our creative capacity and to be co-learners in this experience. Another aspect I liked was to resume and develop the holistic education course, with more support and more tools to clarify which are the principles and values that holistic education proposes to establish an integrative paradigm, where education plays a key role and where it is no longer fragmented, standardized and controlled, but learning for life and our transcendence. Others who may share this opinion include Asana. With the delivery of this course, I felt much more committed to the establishment of a new way of educating. I also realized Although it is a new proposal, there are many more interested people than those who do not have much hope of doing something different. Faced and overcame fears I had about valid arguments to defend an ideal little known and that the eye is perceived as utopian, but I got thanks to this support, demonstrate that the proposal of holistic education is somewhat different, deep and endemic likely to become someday a reality of hope for our children, future generations and our planet earth.