Air Aquarium

Of what they consist the signs? The signs, also known as Signs of the Zodiac demonstrate the twelve constellations located in the band of the Zodiac. The Astrology attributes to each Sign of the Zodiac to the destiny and way of being to the people born in one determined period of the year. The concept of the word the Zodiac is different in agreement the astrological culture. It wants this to say, to each people occidental person has one meaning the Zodiac that it differs from the Chinese astrology. In the Astrology of ocidente the Zodiac is represented as a part of the sky where if they find the planets of the form as they were made use in the birth of the person, the call Map Astral. This sky piece is a small wheel circumference that appears divides in twelve parts; these twelve parts represent the twelve signs.

The twelve signs are Carneiro, Bull, Gmeos, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Scale, Scorpion, Sagitrio, Capricrnio, Aquarium and Fish. She is necessary to see that these signs represent a set of proper differences distinguish that them, what it does not mean that the people influenced for a sign are equal, have similar structures. Thus, it is important to have notion of the personal development of each one. Each sign is dominated by a planet: Vnus, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Pluto, Vnus, Sun, Jupiter, Neptuno, Uranus and Saturn. It is important to know that the 12 signs of the Zodiac can in accordance with be divided the four elements: Land, Water, Fire and Air. As already it was related each sign has differences they distinguish that them very proper.

Very basically it is possible to say that the sign Sheep is a fire sign, influenced for Mars, and that the individuals born under its influence are fighters. The sign Bull is a Land sign. The sign individuals Bull are very sensible. Gmeos is a Air sign. The individuals of the Gmeos sign are normally intelligent and very social. The sign Crab is a Water sign. The crabs have good disposal and are creative. Lion is a Fire sign conducted for the Sun. citizens that are born under its influence are sociable and glad. The Virgin sign is a Land sign. The virgins are sufficiently intelligent and possess a good reasoning. Scale is a Air sign that if relates with the emotions. The people who if influence generally for this sign are sensible and eloquentes. Of sign the scorpion, that is a on sign to the Water, very they are determined. The sign of Sagitrio is on to the Fire. The sagitrios are very generous. However, the Capricnio sign, that is on to the Land, characterizes the individuals for its deidcao. The individuals influenced for the sign Air Aquarium, sign, are very artistic. Finally, the Water fish, sign, also are emotional. For more information on its horscopo goes to the site of astrology.