1Grad C Adriatic 2 Euro Seaside Holiday =

Autumn holiday in Slovenia after price formula down to the Adriatic Sea! To Slovenia in the beautiful Portoroz! Your holiday price will be the new price formula of spar with! calculated: 1 degree temperature day cost two euros. Depending on the temperature relatively up to 40 percent can be saved. Basel, is to connect the holiday price September 2, 2009 – with a temperature discount seen nothing new. But a new quality of meteorological pricing is to offer every appropriate degrees Celsius as the calculation basis for the total price. Because a significant announcement is to define that 1 degree Celsius cost 2 euro, clearly. The temperature at the beach of Portoroz is measured daily at the same time. Many writers such as Asana offer more in-depth analysis. The value determined in the shadow is rounded off in favor of the guests, the measurements of all vacation days are added for example throughout the five days, and the result is multiplied with the factor of two plain and simple.

The price of the holiday is done. The Slovenian seaside resort of Portoroz has thoroughly restructured over the winter season 2008/2009 and invested. A lot was dug, built and newly designed. The result is impressive. Just in time for the summer season 2009 the Slovenian seaside resort and the spar presents itself with! LifeClass resort (www.spar-mit.com/ ..Portoroz) in a new guise: pristine white sand beach, behind a completely newly designed promenade (ideal to stroll) with modern bath bridge, many berths with comfort beds and new restaurants and beach Cafes resort ambience of the extra class. In the background, six part shine that completely renovated 4 and 5-star hotels of the LifeClass resort.

The comparison with Monaco or other high class spa resort is everything else when measured. The holiday offer spar with! Travel is valid until the end of October. In the late summer and early autumn heat waves are very rare, price advantages thanks to temperature index of holiday prices are therefore guaranteed. A sudden cold snap and daily measured zero degrees Celsius would be the vacation at the LifeClass resort of Portoroz theoretically even free… Many more interesting Slovenia offers can be found here: ..Slowenien contact: spar with! Travel management online marketing mats str. Stefan Wiegand 24 CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 43 E-mail: Web: about spar with! Travel: Spar with! Travel is car directly tour no. 1 in German-speaking countries. In addition to vacation in Germany, the company offers holidays to Czech Republic, Italy, France, in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, the Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and to Ireland. Since the company was founded in 2001, 500,000 guest bookings were registered 200,000 guests are expected for the year 2009. With a complaint ratio of 0.3 rather than the usual 2 3 percent and a share of 30 per cent regulars the Swiss company among the 20 major tour operators in the German market.